English conversation to book a hotel room

Contoh percakapan bahasa inggris

English conversation to book a hotel room
Percakapan Bahasa Inggris untuk memesan sebuah kamar hotel

Receptionis       : Good morning, may i help you?
Guestest           : Morning, i’d like to reserve a room please
Receptionis       : A single room or a double room, sir?
Guestest           : Can i have a single room?
Receptionis       : Yes sir. When is it for?
Guestest           : It’s for next weekend, starting from Friday 7th June
Receptionis       : Fine sir, what name is it for sir?
Guestest           : It’s for Choutib, Choutib Oemam
Receptionis       : How do you spell it please?
Guestest           : Choutib? That’s C-H-O-U-T-I-B
Receptionis       : All right, a single room for Mr. Choutib Friday 7th June
Guestest           : How much is it?
Receptionis       : Its $ 200 a day, including breakfast and 10% tax
Guestest           : OK, could you pick me up at the airport at 03 pm
Receptionis       : Certainly Mr.Choutib our airport transfer service will fetch you at 03 pm at the airport next Friday
Guestest           : Thank you 

Receptionis       : Good evening sir
Guest                : Good evening
Receptionis       : Wellcome to the “DREAM HOTEL”
                          May i help you?
Guest                : I’d like to reserve a VIP room please
Receptionis       : Fine sir, what name is it for sir?
Guest                : Its for Choutib, C-H-O-U-T-I-B
Receptionis       : Yes sir, a single or a double room?
Guest                : I’d like a single room
Receptionis       : Its for tonight sir?
Guest                : Yes
Receptionis       : How many night do you want the room for?
Guest                : Just for one night
Receptionis       : Ok sir
Guest                : How much is it?
Receptionis       : Its Rp. 350.000 including tax
Guest                : Yap,
Receptionis       : Ok sir, this is your key
Guest                : Thanks


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