The Computer

The computer

Input and Processing Device
 A computer system has four fundamental components: input, processing,  output, and storage.
Each of the components in a computer system can take on a variety of forms.
Input devices include keyboard, mouse, microphone, scanner, and camera.
Data can entered to a computer system via keyboard. We can type one character at a time throught this component, a point-and-draw device, such as a mouse, is a very important component to input data. By using microphone we can input voice and sound data. We can copy the data by using a scanner. Videos and photos are taken from video and photo camera.
Processing device is the computer processor. Or just called processor. It is the “heart” of a computer system. It performs all computation and logic operations.
The computer processor is made up of two part: primary memory and the central processing unit.
Primary memory unit provides temporary storage for all the data and information being processed.
The central processing unit or CPU is made up of an arithmetic-logic unit to perform the data processing operations, and a control unit to direct and coordinate those processing activities.

Output and Storage Device
 Thus, the four basic hardware component are the input device, the computer processor, output devices, and storage devices. As data are processed they flow between these components.
The fundamental output devices in a computer system is a monitor, a printer, and an audio speaker system.
The monitor will display visually the result of processing. The printer will produce a paper printed output.
The output on a monitor is temporari and is called soft copy. The output the resulted by a printer is called hard copy.
The audio data can be heard from the speaker system.
Storage of data and software in a computer system in either temporary or permanent.
Random access memory or RAM provides temporary storage. It work only during processing, therefore, do not forget to save your data.
Permanently installed and interchangeable disk provide permanent storage. For example, hard disk, CD or DVD Rom, USB flash disk, and memory cards.
Read only memory (ROM) is a memory into which data are entered during manufacturing. Contents can only be read and cannot be changed.


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